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Why Yoga Collective?

At Morgan Hill Yoga Collective, together we practice Yoga and Pilates led by our amazing, fun and experienced teachers. We offer a wide range of classes with some classes in a hot or warm room, and some in a non-heated room. Holding space for one another with lots of love and support. All levels are welcome for every class.

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Yoga Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an approach to yoga in which you move from one pose directly to the next. Postures are strung together seamlessly through the use of breath and movement, focusing on flexibility, strength and balance.

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Power Flow

This Power Flow Class is a fluid Vinyasa style class, where we energetically connect breath to movement. It's a challenging sequence of poses that flow quickly from one posture to the next. Concentrating on strength, flexibility and balance while synchronizing the poses together and having fun!

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Warm Yoga Tone

Yoga Tone is based on alignment principles and therapeutics learned through Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. The class includes warm-up with breath work, alignment based movements/poses, grounding with emphasis on awareness and mindfulness and some Vinyasa Flow. This class offers a variety of poses, the use of props, strengthening and stretching to energetically open the whole body and heart center. Students will finish each class feeling energized, stronger, more flexible, grounded and joyful.

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Yoga Fundamentals

A class to go over basic yoga poses for beginners, and for anyone who wants to perfect certain poses often found in Vinyasa Flows, Power or Yin classes! We will also cover the best use of props to help your unique practice.

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Hot Fusion

Hot Fusion is a blend of traditional yoga poses, flow yoga, core exercises and more. It is energizing and fun! The room is set to around 100 to 105 degrees to increase flexibility and heart rate. This set sequence will allow you to build strength through repetition and focus. It becomes a moving meditation to improve awareness, decrease anxiety and enhance peace of mind.

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Hot Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Pilates is a system of exercises performed on a mat or standing to promote strength, alignment, stability and flexibility. Pilates exercises develop the body through muscular effort which stems from the core. This class is a hot hybrid class of both mat Pilates and Yoga!

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All Level Flow

To get into challenging poses you need a good foundation. This All Level Flow Class will take you through the foundational alignment to deepen your practice to move into fun new poses and choose what version of each pose is best for you on any given day.

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Vinyasa Sculpt

Amp up your practice with our new sculpt class! The class will start with a Vinyasa Flow then move into strengthening work including light weights which will be provided.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a series of grounded postures that are held for a long time. Working through the muscles, connective tissues and fascia of the body. We hold stretches while using breath techniques to enhance the relaxation of the mind and body together. It's a beautiful way to increase flexibility and relieve stress.



Hot 26 is a system of 26 yoga postures that are performed in specific sequence and order. It is designed to flush out every system of the body while creating strength, flexibility, focus and endurance. The temperature in the room is anywhere between 100 to 105 degrees.​

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Warm Vinyasa Flow

This class is heated to about 85 to 90 degrees. We begin the class grounded while quieting the mind. We then warm up leading into Vinyasa Flows and build up to more challenging poses leaving you more flexible, stronger and feeling invigorated! We continue on with our movements while connecting to our breathe.

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